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09:28pm 08/02/2004
mood: irritated
It's update time again, woot. First week of the second semester wasn't that bad. Dan and Chester are both in my Canadian History class, Dickson is in English with me, and for Economics, I'm with Chester again, not bad at all. On a more irritating note, my brother felt it was his duty, to delete all my music off the computer, countless hours have gone into trying to find most of those songs, then they're all gone in seconds. That pisses me off just a tad. Now I have to start the long downloading process once more. Thankfully, most of em' were burnt onto CDs. But needless to say, vengeance will be swift, harsh, and probably painful too. Oh! The show last night was great, Erosion was awesome.
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09:50pm 01/02/2004
mood: hopeful
Wow, fun fucking weekend. I'm starting to hang out at John's more and more often now, that's where most of this weekend was spent. Friday I hung out at John's and did a ton of that pot smoking stuff, fun. But i think I'm gonna start to cut back on it soon, or just stop getting high at school, turn it back into a weekend thing, because I can't afford to skip class this semester just to go get high in the woods. I'll have to start making going to class a habit. Last night was intense, I got quite loaded, woot for intoxication. Really fun night, but I'm thinking now that I have to sort some things out, I'll be sure to do that as soon as I can. So... New semester tomorrow, I can't wait to go to my old classes and get lectured by my teachers. Dan is going to RHS now, I guess I'll have to show him the ropes. Meh... I'm done.
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Think we could take on Mexico?   
10:21pm 29/01/2004
mood: good
I think I drink too much water, I have to go to the bathroom like once an hour. Oh well, I'm sure I'll survive, unless I like get diabetes and die. Besides that, not much is new. Went out to the peir last night and hung out at Jon's place with Dave, Zack, Dan, and Jon of course. I hope the weather is good tomorrow night, so I can go out again, I'll snap if I can't. I had to wake up this morning and walk to school to pay my student fee, it sucked, but I'm glad I got it out of the way so I don't have to worry about it anymore. The new semester starts next week, let's hope I get some interesting people in my new classes. Yeah... I'm done.
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I can't believe I haven't forgot about this thing.   
06:51pm 26/01/2004
mood: calm
I wish it were like Thursday or something, so it were closer to the weekend, even though I have no school this week, the weekend means I can go outside and see people, fun stuff. I got a call from school this afternoon, they claim that if I don't pay my student fee before friday, I can't attend next semester, I guess I better get to that then... Who wants to lend me $12.00? Anyone?

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All dressed chips are our friends...   
09:26pm 25/01/2004
mood: blank
I really wish I didn't live so far away from town, there is nothing to do here at all. This was quite the boring day, most of it was spent in my room, listening to music and thinking about random stuff. Last night was fun, I had planned on getting drunk, but I ran into G at the mall and ended up getting pot instead, gotta love that stuff. It smelled like peppermint though, what's up with that? After that, I went to bug Geoff at work and look at all of the expensive things I wish I could afford in Radio Shack. Yep, fun. So, once I left the mall, I headed up to Sara's, and despite begin forced to watch Finding Nemo, it wasn't bad. It's kinda fun watching wasted people stumble and twich.
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Do I ever need to get intoxicated.   
04:55pm 24/01/2004
mood: confused
Just finished cleaning both the bathrooms here, now I'll have some cash for that alcohol stuff tonight, if I can find someone to get it for me. There probably won't be anyone just hanging around town in the cold who will do a run, and I don't feel like going on a mission to find someone. I'm hoping someone will be at Sara's party who might go, chances are there will be, but I might not show up in time, knowing me. Hmm... Seeing how I have no exams to write, I pretty much get this week off, I'm looking forward to a ton of sleeping in, and running around trying to find a job, it's about time I got another one of those. Whoa! It's suppertime... Food...
I need boots... Warm ones!   
08:19pm 20/01/2004
mood: productive
School wasn't canceled for a change. I really didn't want to get up this morning, but once I was, it didn't seem that hard. The hours of eight in the morning to three in the afternoon consisted of much narcotic smoking, and sitting around, a tad boring but fun nonetheless. Once I got home from an action packed school day, I hoped in the shower, got out, busted ice off my window with a hammer, then got about half an hour of meditation in, gotta love that stuff. After that, I played some good ol' FF7, ate supper, worked out for an hour, more FF7, and now I'm here. The rest of my night will probably be spend trying to find something interesting on T.V. or talking to people on this thing. Woot.
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These posts are getting smaller and smaller.   
04:33pm 19/01/2004
mood: bored
Wow, school was canceled again. Too bad I couldn't get back to sleep this morning for some reason. I have close to nothing to do here at home, I wish I lived closer to other people, so I could go harass them or something. This morning I was looking through a bunch of random livejournals attempting to find people I know. I managed to find a few, but it would have been about ten times easier if people would just put their names in that user info spot... You bastards.
All the show fun, without the cblocal crap.   
02:23pm 18/01/2004
mood: chipper
Haven't updated this thing in a few, I think it's time again. I didn't do much this weekend, thanks to that snow stuff, but I did go to the Negative Lite show last night, that was fun. Even though the one band I wanted to see, couldn't play, Geoff's heart fucked up on him or something, I'm thinking he smokes too much. Besides that, the show was cool, no one got smashed in the face this time, which is good. There is another show next month, an acoustic one, I know I'm gonna check that out. But yeah... Except for that, nothing really new. Dan is back from Florida. That's new...
Death to windchill...   
10:50am 14/01/2004
mood: high
Hoo-fucking-rah for coming home in the morning. It is really cold outside, I think it was something like -8, -22 windchill. Not fun walking home from school with that wind hitting you in the face. But now I'm here, I survived. And am currently enjoying some frantic fruit soda-lucious chewy fruit snacks, tasty stuff. I don't know what I'm going to do for the rest of the morning/afternoon... Sleepness I bet.
I need another X-Mas break... Now.   
09:42pm 13/01/2004
mood: creative
Do I ever need some cash. Whoever out there feels the urge to donate any form of money to my cause, please, feel free. But if not enough people step forward, I think I'm going to have to get me some scam on the go. I think I have an idea, one that might work. I'll just have to hope for the best, if not, it looks like I'll be selling some stuff... Who likes old rock n' roll records? Not me, that's for sure. Today was one of those days that would have been more entertaining if I had just stayed in bed. Although I did get to check out Cortez's new pipe, at first I had doubts, but that thing is one of the best I've used in a while, I'll either need to make one just like it, or steal his... I don't see that happening though. Krittle showed up at good ol' Riverview again, it was just like old times, back in September old times, before she left us for that other school, that SA one, grr. But yeah, myself, her, and Randal walked down to Wal-Mart and killed time there for a while, we even got free fries from McDonald's (the highlight of the trip). Once that got boring, I walked back to school to stand outside Kevin's locked car for half the afternoon with Dickson and Roger. Fun stuff. Then I went home... And here I'am hours later, posting in this journal of never ending excitement. Jealous? You should be.
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Looking forward to slumber.   
09:12pm 12/01/2004
mood: drained
I can't even describe how fun it is walking down to the bank on a cold Monday morning, and waiting there for around an hour waiting for the place to open, just for Randal to find out he has $0.78 in his account, instead of the expected $20.00. We've been walking down to the bank at the beginning of the week for a while now, it's become some sort of tradition almost, and this is the first time since we started that things haven't gone so great. You'd also think the people working there might open the place a few minutes early for us! We're sitting there waiting, each week, for like an hour or more just because Randal can't use his bank card. And what he needs to do takes like four minutes, tops. Damn banks... I think I need to rob one just to even the score. When we got back to school, Randal gave up his MP3 player for not even a large amount of drugs, it wasn't a good deal... Fucking addiction. But besides that, the day wasn't that bad, time flew by for a change, as opposed to most other days, when it seems to stretch on forever. Somewhere along our adventure, we wound up in Value Village, there is this sweet gray trench coat there that I think I'm going to invest in, I just have to talk one of the parental figures into getting it for me... I'll just tell them I need a winter jacket, which is true... So... Blah.
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02:43pm 11/01/2004
mood: mellow
So, after begin reminded that this journal thing existed, I decided to give posting in it another attempt, even though I'll probably forget about it again, in around a week's time. It's for the best, I have tons of time to kill around this house, it might as well be spent here. This weekend was boring as boredom itself, I was grounded, and I couldn't even use PS2 to pass the time, because the brother managed to break it somehow, all I know is that it's gonna take about a week to be repaired, fuck. I'm almost looking forward to school tomorrow, or hanging around outside of the school at least. I haven't gone to a class in weeks, and believe it or not, cutting class does tend to get old. But it'll be next semester before I know it, and I can start to go again, instead of sitting in the woods, watching the snow fall around me. But whatever, I just need to pass two courses, both next semester, to end this sad high school career of mine. And I will pass them... You'll all see... Grr.