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Mike Ford
12 June
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Er... Let's see. The name is Mike Ford, I'm 18, 19 in June. I'm some tall loser kid that lives in the toxic waste capital of Canada. I can't even describe how fun that is. What else can I put here... I kinda go to Riverview High School, or as some call it Prep Central. Am I a prep? I hope not, I don't consider myself much of anything, a mix between some punk anarchist, a gothic freak, and a skater that doesn't skate? That might fit. I hang around with all sorts of people. My friends are the one thing that keeps my sanity safe, what's left of it at least. What do I like to do!? For those wondering, if any, I don't do too much. I hang out with friends, wander around, and... I can't think of much more than that. So, I think I'm done with this thing for now, I guess I've have to update it sometime, but until then, let's just forget it exists.